Monday, October 17, 2005

Estimates of Azeri Population in Iran

Estimates of Azeri Population in Iran

Chehregani also complained that Iran’s central government bans the use of Azeri language in schools, changes Azeri geographical names, harasses and imprisons Azeri cultural activists and underreports the Azeri population, which he claims is 35 million (which would make it an ethnic majority).

The CIA World Factbook estimates Iranian Azeris as comprising nearly 16 million, or 24 percent of Iran’s population. The United Nations human rights report on Iran notes that "there may be as many as 30 million" ethnic Azeris in Iran.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ethnic population of Iran,consists of 52% Azeri Turks,
22% Fars(Afro-Arabs),l6% Kurds,5% Turkmans, and 5% Baluchies.

The myth about the persian civilization is nothing but a fraud
there was no such a thing as a persian civilization. The original persians were uncivilized nomads immigrated from Central Asia to the areas between Caspian Sea, and Arabian Gulf.

5:12 PM  
Blogger turboratur said...

Azaris are only people of EastAzarbaijan province , WestAzarbaijan p , Ardabil p and north of ZANJAN provinc . They are shiaa muslims and have turkic ( mixed with Arabic and Pahlavi languages ) language . Also there are many Turkic groups and tribes in other provinces of IRAN such : Faghfuri turks in soth Zanjan and BAYAT turks and KHALAJ turks and Qashqaii Turks and KHORASANI Turks , Turkmans , Afshars , shamlus , Roomlus , Ostajlus , Qzilbashs , Aghaj aris , ...
that lives in : South Zanjan , Fars , Bushehr , Kurdestan , Kuzestan , Mazandaran , Semnan , Khorasan , Kerman , Hamadan , Markazi , Tehran , Qazvin , Kermanshah . These Turks ARE NOT AZARI and don't know and don't tell to themselves AZARIS . These turks are different from AZARIs . these people have different customs and cultures and phenotypes than AZARIs people .
But oslonor and his friends in USA and Israil think that these Turks are AZARIs !!!

4:02 AM  
Blogger jaxson corey said...

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Blogger Darius Ashkani said...

Wtf are you tork e khar racists barking about? Azeris in Iran are no more than 8 million at best. Azerbeyjan province itself has a population of 7 million, and 20% of that population consists of ethnic Persians like Tats and Tylish as well as regular Persians plus Kurdish people. also Azeris aren't even turks as they don't look asian, theyre Turkified Persians.

1:27 PM  

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